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World Time

Working in a remote team brings many challenges but one common one is being aware of your coworker's and client's time zones. Have you ever had to look up the time zone your friends and family are in? Maybe they are on vacation or just living in another country or another time zone in your own country.

World Time lets you set clocks for four different time zones so you can see at a glance what the time is in another part of the world.


  • Dropdowns let you choose the time zone for each clock.
  • A dark clock face indicates night time (a time between 6:00pm and 6:00am).
  • The clock's state is remembered by your browser so your current selections will apply when you open this page again.
  • World Time works in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

What is a time zone?

A time zone is a region of the world that uses a standard time. Time zones tend to follow the boundaries of countries and regions within countries.

Time zones on land are usually expressed as a difference (offset) in hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), for example, UTC−8 to UTC+8

Higher latitude countries often use daylight saving time (DST) for part of the year. Typically, by adjusting local time by an hour. Often an hour is added in Springtime and subtracted in autumn/fall.