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How to use this tool?

  1. Type or paste your URL. The decoded (or encoded) URL will appear as you type in the panel on the right
  2. Click the Decode/Encode toggle button to switch between decoding and encoding urls

You can use this too for any percent-encoded string (not just URLs)

What is URL encoding?

URL encoding (also known as Percent-encoding) is a mechanism for encoding information in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Although it is known as URL encoding it is, in fact, used more generally within the main Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) set, which includes both Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Uniform Resource Name (URN). It is also used in the preparation of data of the application/x-www-form-urlencoded media type, as is often used in the submission of HTML form data in HTTP requests.

When a reserved character has special meaning in a certain context in a URL (e.g., in the path or query components of a URL), then that character must be percent-encoded. Reserved characters that have no reserved purpose in a particular context don't need to be percent encoded - encoding them is optional.

Reserved characters UTF-8 Character Codes
! # $ & ' ( ) * + , / : ; = ? @ [ ]
%21 %23 %24 %26 %27 %28 %29 %2A %2B %2C %2F %3A %3B %3D %3F %40 %5B %5D