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Discount and Tip Calculator (Free Online Calculator)


About the discount calculator

A free online calculator for discounts and tips that allows you to calculate price reductions and tips with a single click.

As a buyer, it works as a sale price calculator to see a final price after you factor in a discount—perhaps from that 20% price off coupon you have. You can compare the reduced price and the amount of money you save. In a restaurant? The Calculator calculates tip amounts for common percentages of the service cost. It also gives a total that includes the tip.

Browser extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge add an icon to your browser's toolbar. You can open the extension while browsing. The calculator remembers your last calculation so you can close it at any time and reopen without losing your work.


  • Use this page on your phone/tablet and it will work like a mobile app. Save the page to your Home Screen and it will behave like a app.
  • Remembers your previous calculation when re-opened
  • History of calculations lets you use any of your last 10 calculations
  • The desktop version lets you use the keyboard and number pad
  • Copy results from the display to the clipboard
  • A set of common discount/tip percentage calculations.
    • Takes your current calculation and rounds it to a price-friendly two decimal places. Displays the amount you would pay with the deduction and how much you save - invaluable!
    • Also, calculates the amount you could tip based on the selected percentage.

Basic keys (and keyboard shortcuts):

The following are the basic keys that you'll use most of the time. Don't forget you can use your keyboard or the on-screen keys for calculations.

  • Number Pad or 0-9 for Number Entry
  • Equals (= or Enter)
  • Copy to clipboard (Ctrl-c)
  • Clear ("c")
  • Delete (or backspace) key removes last character you typed
  • Divide (/) divide a number
  • Multiply (*) multiply a number
  • Minus (-) subtract a number
  • Plus (+) add a number
  • Plus/minus (+/-) (F3)
  • Decimal point (.)

How to calculate percentages

When shopping, you often see something on sale, advertised at `20%` (or some other value) percent off? How much is it going to cost? Armed with your knowledge of percentages you can easily calculate how much you will save. You first multiply the the price (say `$75`) by the percentage deduction (`20%`, and then divide by `100`. Like this: `75x20/100 = 15`.

Try the basic calculator.

The % Percent (F1) key is super useful if you want to work out discounts on items in the store, and calculating the tax on those items. It takes the heavy lifting out of the calculations!

For example, you might be shopping, and want to buy something that costs $20. but, there's `12%` tax that's not shown in the price. By keying in `12%20` you'll see the tax is 2.4 or `$2.40`. You can do the same calculation, by keying in 20x12%.

You can easily use the calculator to work out the total cost. If you want to find your total cost, simply use the addition key. key in `20+12%`, you'll get, `22.4`, or `$22.40`.

Now, what about discounts on items? Let's say everything in the store is `20%` off, and you want to buy something priced at `$20`. Key in `20-20%`, that comes to `$16`. But there is still `12%` tax on that, so we need to add that. Key in `+12%`. So now, we're paying `$17.92`.

How to use the +/- (plus/minus) key

The plus minus +/- key takes the value and converts it from a positive value to a negative value, or a negative to a positive value.

How to use decimals

Sometimes we don't have whole numbers and we have to deal with decimal places. Use the Decimal point (.) key for calculating decimals.
For example: `10.5+ 6 = 16.5`

Quick tip: To convert a percentage to a decimal, divide by `100`. Example: `35%` is `35/100` or `0.35`