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String Utilities

Some string utilities you can't live without! Word and character counts, uppercase/lowercase and other conversions...

Converted text appears here...

Check word and character counts, and perform character conversions such as uppercase/lowercase etc. ...

How to use this tool

  1. Type or paste your text in the panel on the left — Word and character counts are also below your source. Word counts use a space as a delimiter.
  2. Transform your text with one of the preset transformation buttons. For example, clicking the "uppercase" button will show your text in all uppercase in the right-panel. Here are more transformations you can try:
    • Lowercase—Converts to lowercase
    • Uppercase—Converts to uppercase
    • Swapcase—Swaps the case. Upper to lower and lower to upper
    • Camelcase—Converts underscored or dasherized string to a camelized one. Begins with a lower case letter unless it starts with an underscore, dash or an upper case letter
    • Reverse—Reversed string
    • Titleize—Initial caps
    • Capitalize—Initial caps on first word — How to uppercase the first letter of a string in JavaScript
    • Dasherize—Converts a underscored or camelized string into an dasherized one
    • Slugify—Transform text into an ascii slug which can be used in safely in URLs. Replaces whitespaces, accentuated, and special characters with a dash. Limited set of non-ascii characters are transformed to similar versions in the ascii character set
    • Humanize—Converts an underscored, camelized, or dasherized string into a humanized one. Also removes beginning and ending whitespace, and removes the postfix '_id'
    • Clean—Trim and replace multiple spaces with a single space
    • Strip Tags—Removes html/xml tags from the string
  3. Click the Copy button to copy the converted text to the clipboard.
  4. Click the Replace button to replace your source text with the converted text.