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Embeddable Calculator Widget

The embeddable calculator widget is a simple javascript calculator widget for your web site. Give your customer's a calculator right on your web pages!

The embeddable calculator adds an icon that when clicked displays the calculator widget.

Try it out and have fun!


To use this calculator on your own web page simply copy the following code into the body of your web page at the location where you want the calculator to appear.

                <script src=""></script>
                <div style="width:50px;height:50px;background-image:url('')">
                  <iframe id="linangcalc" src="" 
                      width="50" height="50" scrolling="auto" frameBorder="0" allowTransparency="true"


  • Add the ?placement= query string parameter to control the placement of the calculator. Values can be auto,left,right,top, bottom. If not set then auto is assumed.
  • Remembers your previous calculation when re-opened
  • Use the keyboard number pad for calculations
  • Enter key for "=" and "c" for clear

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Number Pad or 0-9 for Number Entry
  • Equals (= or Enter)
  • Clear ("c")
  • Del or Backspace to delete
  • Divide (/)
  • Times (*)
  • Minus (-)
  • Plus (+)
  • Percent (% or F1) (Both unary and binary operators are supported, for example, 50%20 means 20 percent of 50; 40+50% means add 50% of 40)
  • Square Root (F2)
  • +/- (F3)
  • Decimal point (Period)